By day, Seth Baker is an Ohio University international development studies graduate student, a youth soccer referee, a teaching assistant, an intramural soccer player and a member of graduate student senate. By night, he’s a break-dancer. 


An in-depth look at Ohio University's athletics and the disparities between the men's and women's division one teams. Even when the women's teams are performing better then the men's teams there is an overarching disinterest campus-wide in Ohio's female athletes. 


Tessa Stanford is breaking barriers. She doesn’t have to be the twelfth man on the field; she can be your eleventh. Stanford is a defensive lineman and only female player on the Athens High School football team.

Cat L'Heureux lives in Nelsonville, Ohio with her three Irish wolfhounds Walter, Dani and Tom. Walter is a fully trained therapy dog and works with The Connection to help kids in southeastern Ohio with reading.