Lynetta Usher Griner took over her family farm in 1989 after her brother was killed in a boating accident. In 2018, she was named the Florida Farmer of the Year by the Florida Farm Bureau Federation for her work as a community and state leader.


Cat L'Heureux lives in Nelsonville, Ohio with her three Irish wolfhounds Walter, Dani and Tom. Walter is a fully trained therapy dog and works with The Connection to help kids in southeastern Ohio with reading.

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By day, Seth Baker is an Ohio University international development studies graduate student, a youth soccer referee, a teaching assistant, an intramural soccer player and a member of graduate student senate. By night, he’s a break-dancer. 

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Tessa Stanford is breaking barriers. She doesn’t have to be the twelfth man on the field; she can be your eleventh. Stanford is a defensive lineman and only female player on the Athens High School football team.


Sam VanFleet has dedicated her life to training wild mustangs for competition. Currently, VanFleet is training 4-year-old Fiesta for her sixth Extreme Mustang Makeover competition, where she and other competitors have 100 days to get wild horses ready to compete in Fort Worth, Texas.